Practical usage of SELF operator in Web Intelligence

Let’s check some scenarios where we can use SELF operator with Previous function.

  • Example 1. If we want to populate a specific sequence or series
We require to start with 3 and continue the series with multiples of 3.

=3 + Previous(Self)
We can use any calculation such as =3 +1.5* Previous(Self).

  •       Example 2. Showing concatenated values
Suppose we have Country and City names (check below) and we want to show all City names concatenated.

 =[City]+", "+Previous(Self)

A slight change in arrangement- reset on Country name.

     =[City]+", "+Previous(Self;([Country]))

  • Example 3. Now, consider a business requisite
We have Sales data for USA and UK for few dates along with sales target values for some dates and we are trying to show color-codes (Alerts) if Sales is greater or less than target.

Issue here is absence of Target values for each date. Since for few dates, target value is not present, we could not compare Sales value and suggest a color-code for those dates.

Business informs that when we do not have Target for any Date, pick the last available target.

So, Target for 9/17/15 will be 75 for USA.

Here SELF operator becomes helpful to pull targets from previous values.
We are adding a updated target column with formula as:

=If IsNull([Target]) Then Previous(Self;([Country])) Else [Target]

If target is null for a specific date, it will go to previous dates and pull last available target value.
(In this case, we have sorted Date in ascending order.)

Now we we compare Sales with updated target, everything looks good as expected.

(for this example to work fine, first row should have a target value that will be pulled down.)

Let us know how you are using SELF operator.


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